Ray Of Heart By: E. L. Todd

Book Description....

"Ryker finally told me what happened all those months ago. He explained his distance, his coldness.

Now everything makes sense.

I've been with Zeke for a long time now, and everything is exactly how I want it to be.

I adore him.

No, I love him.

But there's a warning deep in my gut. Zeke is acting differently, and Ryker isn't the same either.

It's the calm before the storm.

I can feel it.:

Title:  Ray Of Heart
Author:  E. L. Todd
Publisher:  E. L. T.
Series:  Ray # 5
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Ray Of Heart" by E. L. Todd

My Thoughts:

What a beautiful ending to this Ray # 5 series and I must say I enjoyed all of  these series.  Rae was truly a pill at times with her changing her mind going back and forth with what she really wanted. Be
ready for a little bit of it all from 'heartache, love, friendship, heartbreak and there was even some sports' bring into the read that will definitely keep you turning the pages to the end to see what would go on next.  I enjoyed how this author brings it all finally together giving the reader one beautiful ending that wasn't just for the two main character but .... I will stop here and just say you will have to pick up 'Ray Of Heart' and see for yourself how well this story all comes out.  I liked the family and friend support that was so very strong in this series and showing how in the end one can change if they really want it.  I wouldn't only recommend this series but the whole series 1-5.  The readers will not be disappointed.    


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