When The Heart Turns Cold 1& 2 By: Charlotte Marshall-Murray

Book Description....

***This is 2 books of a 3-book series***

Book 1
"Love was all Nala Jordan ever wanted, so marrying the handsome and ambitious Kendrick Jordan was more than she could’ve ever dreamed. Kendrick and Nala Jordan were inseparable from the very beginning, and they became the most highly respected and sought out power couple in Philly. They had a strong foundation, including a beautiful home, wealth and happiness…or so Nala thought. Her entire world shatters when she walks in and catches Kendrick in a compromising position. He is about to find out there is a thin line is between love and hate when Nala's heart turns cold.
Book 2
What was done in the dark has come to light and this time Nala is all cried out. The once beloved, charismatic woman has risen like a phoenix and now she is a force to be reckoned with in her career, home and in the community. Every man that crosses her path is at risk of feeling her wrath. Her desire to inflict pain is growing by the minute and she is on a quest to rid the world of unfaithful married, men – one at a time. Will Kendrick be able to reconnect with Nala before she goes too far? Will his recommitment to be faithful melt the ice from her broken heart?"

Title:  When The Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2
Author:  Charlotte Marshall-Murray
Publisher: Shani Greene-Dowdell Presents
Series: When The Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"When The Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2" by Charlotte Marshall-Murray

My Thoughts.....

This was a good adult fiction read and involves romance but then that goes down hill soon due to infidelity.

Book 1 was about Nala and Kendrick Jordan having it all... good jobs and marriage but would that be enough for this couple?

Book 2... We find as Nala Jordan is getting more busy with her job of teaching, writing books and also a criminal psychologist...working non stop which also involved traveling and with all of that having less time for her husband Kendrick.  Well that's when another person comes becomes involved with her husband.  And that's when I will say things are about to happen now!  I found I couldn't understand nor believe that husband!  What is it to that saying...."What was done in the dark has come to light and this time Nala is all cried out"especially after she comes home earlier?  Now, what will she find?

This is where I say you will simply have to pick this one up because this story gets even more interesting and we are left wanting to see how well this author brings it all out this story.  How will "Dr. Nala Jordan, famous criminal psychologist and her handsome witty, husband Professor Jordan" make it out of this mess that it all up and front?  The reader will have you wanting even more that is coming out in the next series..."When The Heart Turns Cold 3."


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