Undisclosed Desire 2: The Sheriff's Heart by Falon Gold

Book Description....

"Sheriff Blake Powers has more secrets than any man of the law should. The most important one is his deputy and lover, Astrid Daniels, who's disappeared. The only thing standing between him bringing her back into his arms is the rest of his secrets and his family. The extremely wealthy Powers have run an empire for four generations and don't consider beautiful women who aren't Italian-born and blue-blooded as marriage material. They don't consider them as anything, and they're tired of waiting for Blake to take his place amongst them as a tycoon who'll carry on the Powers' prestige and privileged way of life into the next generation.

Astrid carries her own secret that will rock all of the connected families' worlds; the Owens, Nordic-Ford's, and the Powers the most. But just when all the secrets are exposed, Blake and Astrid will suffer a monumental setback that will give the Powers exactly what they want—access to Blake's loyalty again that may tear him and Astrid apart... forever.

How far will the Powers go to convince Blake that he's always been one of them? And to push Astrid out his life for good?"

Title:  Undisclosed Desire 2:  The Sheriff's Heart
Author:  Falon Gold
Publisher:  Nayberry Publication
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Undisclosed Desire 2:  The Sheriff's Heart" by Falon Gold

My Thoughts...

Good story that deals with Blake's and Astrid's story.  The characters were simply off the chart well done...developed, portrayed giving this story one that you will not want to put down and at the end wanting more.  Truly this was a family...'The Owens' [this hilarious group] that you will not want to mess with as they excepted Astrid into their fold because of their love for Blake.  After the amnesia story line and the Power's entering back into the picture along with Cameron [a cousin], now how will this play out for Blake and Astrid? Will their be a change in the way Blake sees his birth parents? "How far will the Powers go to convince Blake that he's always been one of them? And to push Astrid out his life for good?"  To get these questions answered and so much more the reader will just have to pick up this good read to see how it will turn out.  Be ready to expect from a humorous to a heartwarming family read.


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