Zaccaro: A Stepbrother Romance by Amarie Avant

Book Description....

"Reese Dunham has two rules when it comes to men - No suits. No cops.
Evan Zaccaro is a narcotics detective on a mission to take down a dangerous biker gang, both a suit and a cop.
When Evan crosses paths with Reese while undercover, sparks fly and Reese's rules go out the window.
Despite the intense heat between the pair, there are forces keeping them apart. Reese's father was slain by the LAPD, and that's only the beginning of the secrets in her life. Next, a surprise marriage means that Reese and Evan are now step brother and sister. With the universe against them, Reese and Evan start to fall in love and fight to be together.
As Evan closes in on the gang, things take a dangerous turn and Reese is put at risk. Can Evan save her in time? And will they finally get to be together?

Note: this is a rerelease of Secrets She Keeps"

Title   Zaccaro
Author:  Amarie Avant
Publisher:  A. A.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Zaccaro: A Stepbrother Romance  by Amarie Avant 

My Thoughts....

This was quite a rewrite from the first version 'Secrets She Keeps.'  The reader is given a suspenseful romantic read about Reese and Evan that will keep you turning the pages seeing how this kinship will turns out. Will their be a instant attraction when Evan meets Reese while he is on  stakeout? Will the one night of passion lead to many more?   In the end will this detective get his target before all of the secrets start coming out? The characters were all for the most post over the chart being well developed, defined and believable.  One character I wasn't able to get like at all was Reese's mom [Lolita] but I guess that's life for many people especially in the  how horrible way she acted toward her daughter.  With there being so many elements to the read you will have to  pick "Zaccaro" up and read for yourself how well this author delivers it to the reader. I will say the second version really explains it all so very well and seeing whether Reese and Evan will ever make it to their HEA was a joy to read.  


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