Book Description...

"Envy, secrets, and hidden resentment are the three most destructive factors in any relationship. This is especially true when it comes to sisters. Meet Kalice Micheals, a 25-year-old once successful tv personality turned home health nurse for her mother. Kalice, also known as Kay, was once an up and coming journalist for CNN with an expensive New York penthouse, and taste to match. However, once her mother Betty is diagnosed with cancer, Kalice gives up her dream to move back home and care for her. Back home in Memphis Kalice is forced to face all of her old demons and the tormentor who turned her into an introvert, her older sister Malika. Malika, the bougie and stuck up sister, wife, and mother of two, wastes no time reminding Kalice why she is loved and she is not. The only problem is, after a brief argument with Malika, Kalice discovers the beast within her and sets out to get revenge on the one who hurt her the most. Kalice knows that the perfect life Malika pretends to have is just a façade and she formulates a plan to shatter that glass house all around her. Soon secrets and envy leads to revenge and revenge leads to murders in this twisted tale of sibling rivalry. So, sit back and enjoy as we go on a turbulent thrill ride to find out how Kalice began…Sleeping With Her Sister’s Husband!"

Title:  Sleeping With My Sister Husband:  What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her..Or Will It?
By:  Niki Jilvontae
Publisher: True Glory Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Sleeping With My Sister Husband:  What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her..Or Will It?" by:  Niki Jilvontae

My Thoughts...

From that says it all about this novel.  This is definitely one of those reads that will keep you turning the pages to see how this this author presents all of the twist and turns in this dramatic, crazy emotional urban fiction read. Is this what will happen when two sisters[Kalice & Malika] hate each other so much? There were a lots of questions from this read that needs to be answered and hopefully in the next book by this author we will get some much needed answers to those questions.  


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