Serenity Harbor: A Romance Novel (Haven Point #6) by RaeAnne Thayne

Book Description....

"In the town of Haven Point, love can be just a wish—and one magical kiss—away… 
Computer-tech millionaire Bowie Callahan is about the last person that schoolteacher Katrina Bailey wants to work for. As far as she can see, he's arrogant, entitled and not up to the task of caring for his young half brother, Milo. But Kat is, especially if it brings her closer to her goal of adopting an orphaned little girl. And as her kindness and patience work wonders with Milo, she realizes there's more to sexy, wary Bo than she'd ever realized.
Bo never imagined he'd be tasked with caring for a sibling he didn't know existed. Then again, he never pictured himself impulsively kissing vibrant, compassionate Katrina in the moonlight. Now he's ready to make her dream of family come true…and hoping there's room in it for him, too…"

Title:  Serenity Harbor
Author:  RaeAnne Thayne
Publisher:   Harlequin Books
Series:  Haven Point #6
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Serenity Harbor" by RaeAnne Thayne

My Thoughts...

The author did a very good job at giving the reader a sweet contemporary romance engaging story of this 'Haven Point #6 series.  Be ready for a read that the reader will not want to put it down until the end.  I found this a interesting read about Katrina Bailey as she in involved with a boyfriend in Colombia. When that arrangement didn't work out and finds herself stranded and alone there she takes a job teaching English.  Katrina becomes involved the a 'Down Syndrome child at the orphanage and decides to want to adapt.  How will this come out?  Then as the story moves on Kat's sister Wynona is getting married to Marshall who just happened to be the police chief there in Heaven's Point.  Kat will have to leave the child [Gabriela] and returns to "Haven Point" since she was the maid of honor.   What is up with Katrina's attorney who wanted more money than was previous asked for in the handling of this adoption?  Now, this author gives the readers even more in this interesting read as Katrina is at the grocery store and comes upon a situation as she helps this man named Bowie Callahan who was with his younger half brother [Milo] who has had a total meltdown and it seems like Kat was able to help out this situation. This really seemed to really impressed Bowie and he offers Katrina a job ...for three weeks as a nanny for Milo. We find Bowie was a computer-tech genius and a self made millionaire. The money was great for Kat ...would she take this job for $12,000 for three weeks? Will this help Kat out especially since she was having trouble  with all of the complications of the adoption with her attorney?  Now there was more to this story as we find out that little Milo is suffering from 'Autism.' This was all new for Bowie because he had just found out 'his estranged mother, Stella, had passed away and left behind a six year old son...Bowie' half  brother Milo and he vowed to take care of him.  With Samantha who was a friend of Katrina had feelings for Bowie however, that did not bother Kat because she 'sworn off men' and was determined to raise Gabriela on her on. So, Kat definitely didn't want to get involved with Bowie especially after finding him so arrogant but will that all change after they get to know each learning about each of their childhoods?  This is where I will say that you will have to pick up this good read that this author presents it all so well to the readers.   I liked how this story brings in two special need children [Gabriela & Milo] into the picture in such a warm and loving way that shows them with such a unconditional love that will simply melt your heart as you will receive from this heartwarming read.  Would I recommend "Serenity Harbor" from the Haven Point # 6 read?  YES!      


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