When The Heart Turns Cold 3 By: Charlotte Marshall-Murray

Book Description...

"In book 3 of When The Heart Turns Cold, the heat is turning up on Nala Jordan, and she has to work hard to keep her dreadful sins covered up. As the lead profiler on the case of the Philly serial-killer, Nala is doing everything she can to keep the cops on the wrong path.

Meanwhile, Nala’s husband, Kendrick Jordan, is moving on with his merry little life and planning an engagement with his new side chick, Crystal. A visit with someone from Nala’s past will help her put her recent transgressions into perspective. But will this person’s identity cause the lid to be blown off the Lady Ice investigation, or will Nala remain free to rid the world of cheating hearts?"

Title:  When The Heart Turns Cold 3
Author:  Charlotte Marshall-Murray
Series:  Part 3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"When The Heart Turns Cold 3" by Charlotte Marshall-Murray

My Thoughts....

Well, from this last part 3 of 'When The Heat Turns Cold' we get a clearer picture of what had happened in Nala life of her biological parents.  Nala "thought that maybe her mother was her hero or was she just another scorned woman who happened to have murdered her father?'  Did she have more in common with her birth mother?  What was even more strange in all that was going on Nala life she had been called in to help with this investigation from the police. What will she do about this?  All I can say is that she really had them all fooled or did she?  Well, as we find Nala "in the middle of a divorce, she was assisting the police in catching a killer[s] that was actually her, and she had met her biological mother, finding they had plenty in common. All I can say at this point to get these questions answered you will have to pick up part 3 of this read.   So what is next as Nala goes on a visit to the prison and oh my goodness what will come of that visit with Robert?  How did he know certain things about Nala?  Well, we are left wondering 'what in the **** was he talking about?'  I'm not sure this is the end of this story  but if it is I am left with a lot of questions that need to be answered.


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