325 First Fights By: E. L. Todd

Book Description...

"I can't believe this is real.

I've lost years of my life, years of memories.

He tells me we've been happily married for years, but I despise him so much that I can't believe that.

How did he get me to fall in love with him the first time?

And how does he expect to do it a second time?"

Title:  325 First Fights
Author:  E. L. Todd
Publisher: E.L.T. 
Series:  (First #2) 
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"325 First Fights" by  E. L. Todd

My Thoughts....

The story continues for these five friends...Cypress, Bree. Amelia, Ace, Blade and lets add Evan.  I will say a few of these characters had me shaking my head and saying WHAT?  There is so much going on you will have to keep up.  Hopefully you have read this first novel in this series...'400 First Kisses' so that you will be able to know what has happened previously in this story. I found this series quite a read and it seems to continue on from who can trust who with there being a lot of twist and turns.  I did feel that with all that was going on in this story there was a lack of communication and being totally honest with one another. Anyway we will be left wondering what will come next for Bree, Cypress, Amelia, Ace. Blade and that Evan in the next series: 218 First Hugs.'


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