When He Loves Her: Stories of When A Man Loves His Woman by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Book Description....

"When He Loves Her are stories of when a man loves a woman, when a black man loves a black woman and is proud of his love and her... These stories are meant to magnify the reality of what we do not always see in media or entertainment... Men Love Their Women, Black Men Love Black Women."

Title:  When He Loves Her
Author: Angelia Vernon Menchan
Publisher:  Honorable MENCHAN Media
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"When He Loves Her" by Angelia Vernon Menchan

My Thoughts.....

These were some sweet HEA short collection of stories that will capture your heart as you are reading this uplifting read and even put a smile on your face.  I loved all of these African American stories that were about Oscar & Isira, Fredrick & Aga, Terrell & Lia, Donald & Dana, Marion & Raymond, Anders & Maura, and Maura & Desmond.  Most of all the reader will be able to see just how these couple's grow not only  'mentally, emotionally and but even spiritually' and even more so people you maybe able to relate to. If you are looking for some great love stories "When He Loves Her" will give it to you oh so well.  Thank you to the author for giving the readers some good stories of  Black Men loving some good Black Women.


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