Rekindled Lovers (Undisclosed Desire Book 4) by Falon Gold

Book Description....

"Tommy Owens is the big-hearted, outspoken restaurateur of the Owens’ clan who is always ready with a joke. He’s also the most brokenhearted. Ten years ago, when he was cruelly set up to look deceitful, the love of his life walked away from Arrow, Colorado. Now, he silently bears the pain from agonizing replays of memories of her, has slammed the door on love, and dares it to reenter his life.

Katara Johnson, on assignment for work, has to come back to Arrow after she crossed a whole ocean to get away from a brutal heartbreak there. Even being as far away as London, she still hasn’t been able to get over Tommy. Sick of carrying him in her heart and tired of being unable to move on, she goes back home on a mission to put Tommy Owens firmly in the past.

The two reunite and love, lies, and the truth explode to the surface. Re-instituting the trust between Tommy and Katara will not be all fun and games but cathartic… until someone calls the cops. A volatile reunion may be just what is needed to cleanse, then rekindle, what the past lovers once had and what should’ve never been torn apart."

Title:  Rekindled Lovers
Author:  Falon Gold
Publisher: Nayberry Publications 
Series:  Undisclosed Desire Book 4
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean 
Rating:  Five

"Rekindled Lovers" by Falon Gold

My Thoughts....

Interesting good novella about how a couple gets back a lost love after ten years as it was for Tommy and Katara in this 'hot steamy romantic read.'  I found this story a sweet read and definitely one hilarious one too.


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