The Takedown by Nia Forrester

Book Description...

"** Sequel and conclusion to 'The Come Up' **
When you’re riding high, there’s almost always someone looking for the chance at a takedown …

Newly-installed as President & CEO of the Scaife music empire, Jamal Turner is undeniably at the pinnacle of his career. And to sweeten the triumph, he has Makayla Hughes at his side—a woman whose wide-eyed wonder at their good fortune keeps his feet firmly planted on solid ground. In a profession that thrives on artifice, Makayla is the realest and most meaningful thing in his life.

Jamal’s biggest problem—and the only conflict in his relationship—is finding time to keep his commitment to participate in planning their wedding. Well … that’s almost their only conflict. The other, is Devin Parks, Makayla’s omnipresent best friend whose demands on her time and heart keep pulling her back when Jamal needs her to move forward.

But those may not be their only issues. Devin’s career-rise has attracted some unwanted attention, and unbeknownst to them both, maybe so too has Jamal and Makayla’s almost-too-perfect relationship. Someone, somewhere, is looking for the chance at a takedown."

Title:  The Takedown
Author:  Nia Forrester
Publisher:  Stiletto Press 
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Takedown" by Nia Forrester

My Thoughts...

Good read with a lot of deep emotions and drama all over the place that will capture your attention all the way through this incredible read.  With the main characters being very complex in this well written story that dealt with 'love, sex, naivete, trust, sexual abuse, co-dependence, insecurity, friendship, heartbreak, true love, growth. and redemption.'  All that I will say is that the love that Jamal had for Makayla [Kayla] was simply off the chart. I loved how it wasn't hard for Jamal to admit when he was wrong.  Wow, to have someone love you like that was simply the best.  I do have high hopes for Kayla  who needed  to grow up as well as her friend Devin  and I liked in how they were able to work out that friendship situation.  It was really something to see how this romance story brings out some of the hard truths that was dealt with so well with trust in this journey of love where there was a HEA.  


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