Bad Dog By: Obren Bokich

Book Description...

"When serial womanizer Jack Banks hits on the wrong beauty, a Spanish witch who’s been turning thoughtless men into dogs since one broke her teenage heart over three hundred years ago, he wakes up as a Labrador retriever. As if that and navigating a far from stray dog-friendly city weren’t frustrating enough, he falls in love for the first time with Karen, the young woman with an outsized heart for animals who adopts him. She clearly loves him too, as a dog. But even if he can break the spell, will she love him as a man?"

Title:  Bad Dog
Author:  Obren Bokich
Publisher:  West Hills Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating;  Four

"Bad Dog" by Obren Bokich

My Thoughts....

Now this was quite some fantasy read.  I would imagine  this one mounts right up there with some men who have cheated and have been thought of as mire dogs in one way or another. However,  this 'Spanish witch' takes it to another level. Now, why was that?  It looks like  Jack and his friend Charlie have been 'womanizing' so much that someone was definitely fed up and what better way than to put a stop to it by turning them into ..well this is where I don't want to give too much away other than to say you must pick this one up for yourself because it had me smiling all the way through the read.  I will say that this author really has a amagination in how the story was put together to give the reader quite one interesting read.  In the end will Jack finally have a better view of how he wants his life after be meets the woman who had adopted him before he turned back to a ? Will they be able to get together for a HFN ending?

Thank you for the early read of  'Bad Dog' for my honest opinion.  


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