Fell In Love With A Bad Guy 2 By: Ms. T. Nicole

Book Description.....

"After taking a bullet for Eric and leaving the streets to become a better husband, Con is stuck with the harsh reality that Porsha is now dead. He has no interest in getting in the streets to find answers. He prolonged saying goodbye for as long as he could until depression set in and changed the Conway’s family dynamics forever.

Ariel finds it hard living in Chicago after giving birth to twins. She doesn’t feel like she made the right decision when she fell in love with her bad guy. Trying to find a balance between being a mom and a live-in girlfriend while planning a wedding, the street life is taking a toll on her as she’s finding it hard to juggle her kids with an absent father. Will their love keep them together or will the streets pull them apart?

After saving Ariel and earning the respect of her family, Eric is now having to prove himself to a family that doesn't have an issue with putting him in the dirt. He goes to great lengths to hide a secret from Ariel, while trying to prove to the Conway men that he can still reign terror on the streets of Chicago to bring the person responsible for Porsha’s death to justice. After realizing the culprit behind the murder, Eric has no choice but to do what he feel is right in order to keep himself alive.

New people are introduced from the past. Friendships and bonds that can never be broken are put through the ultimate test. Let’s find out if falling in love with a bad guy is really worth it or just a waste of time."

Title:  Fell In Love With A Bad Guy 2
Author:  Ms. T Nicole
Publisher:  Treasured Publication
Series:  Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Den
Rating: 5

"Fell In Love With A Bad Guy 2" by Ms. T Nicole

My Thoughts....

Wow what a good read. The author really puts it out there for her readers that will definitely capture your attention because once you start reading you will find it very hard to put down until the very end. All of the characters [Ariel, Eric, Giselle, Con, Pharaoh, Lex, Treasure] and a few others were off the chart well defined, portrayed and believable giving the reader a good series read. I love how the story had a little mystery and surprise to who had done what to Porsha. Will Eric and Ariel finally get their HEA? Well you will just have to pick up the good read to see how well this author brings out this story to her readers. I would suggest the reader read book 1 so you will understand what went on earlier in this well written urban fiction story. Be ready for a little bit of it all...from deceit, murder with a great deal of sadness with a lot of twist and turns. This was a good conclusion to Book 1. 


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