Retaliation By: Yasmin Shiraz

Book Description....

"Violence runs rampant on the streets of Washington, DC, and on one seemingly quiet day, the Odom family finds its world destroyed when seventeen-year-old Tashera is brutally attacked by a group of high school girls.
Retaliation exposes the corrupting existence of violence in our communities and the retaliatory measures families go through to protect themselves and their children."

Title:  Retaliation
Author:  Yasmin Shiraz
Publisher:  Rolling Hills Press at Smashwords
Series:  Retaliation # 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Retaliation" by Yasmin Shiraz

My Thoughts....

Wow, this was some story where 'Retaliation' is front and center in this urban YA read.  Will the Odom family ever be the same after Tashera was 'brutally attacked by a group of HS girls.'  It seems like their had already been problems in this family from her brother Kahlil who had been 'paralyzed
due to running with gangs.'  What will happen when Tashera's mom and brother tries to take care of the situation that had happened?  My, my how this dramatic story will take many turns through retaliation.

There will be so many twist and turns that one will find it hard to put down definitely keeping your attention all the way to the end of the story.  I found this wasn't a happy story ... quite a sad one but in the end will Tashera find any happiness through all of this?  Well, you will have to pick up this novel and see for yourself how well this storyline is brought out to the readers.

I liked how Tashera reach out to Yasmin [the author of this novel] who had spoke at one time at her school.  It was indeed wonderful to see how that Tashera wanted out of her present situation and had someone to tell her trouble to that truly understood what she was going through.

"Retaliation" really brings out what can happen from one  'single act of violence' that did affect so many individuals in this community.  Would I recommend?  YES!

Thank you to the author for the gift of the read for my honest opinion of the read.


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