Loyal By: Yasmin Shiraz

Book Description....

"at the bottom of my front door, lay my brother, Khalil, crumpled like a sack of dirty clothes.  Blood had soaked thought everything he was wearing and he lay there on the ground.  Moaning.

Title:  Loyal:  The Prequel To Retaliation
Author:  Yasmin Shiraz
Publisher: Y. S.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Loyal" by Yasmin Shiraz

My Thoughts....

I found this novel such a good read with all that had gone on in this family...a single mom trying to be their for her daughter Tashera and son Khalil.  However, it seems like the son had problems being caught up with the wrong people [gangs] who thought that they would be their for him. Khalil thought he knew what loyalty was but did he really know what that word meant?  After asking his sister Tashera to look up the word loyal...I loved the way she brings it all out so well in her answer to her brother in a letter...

"this experience, this is what I've learned from you about being loyal:

Being loyal makes you choose between friends and family.
Being loyal takes away your happiness and replaces it with anger.
Being loyal puts your life at risk. (Loyalty dropped you off at the doorstep bleeding),
Being loyal means deserting your friends if the police come around.
Being loyal means dumping your boyfriend when he gets locked up.
Being loyal reminds me of a movie..."Every man for himself."
     Everyone scattered and didn't look out for or try to help the other
     person in their crew.  Isn't that what happened to you?"

 Will Khalil really get  and receive this message?

This was a well written read that had me shaking my head through most of the read.  Wow, this author really puts a message out there for all who will receive it!  Very well done by this author and yes I would definitely recommend this one to all as a good read.


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