Taken By: Erica Conroy

Book Description...

"Respect the enemy, fear his daughter.

Peace negotiations are easy right? Not when you’re learning a language composed of hisses, growls and other guttural sounds. And that’s not even the tough part for recently divorced diplomat Viktor Jacobs. No, that would be matching wits with the fiercely intelligent daughter of the opposing side. Between dodging her claws, avoiding a myriad of cultural taboos, and not accidentally getting married or killed, he has to somehow make the Lyrissians see that joining the Alliance of Worlds is the best choice for all of their futures.


Viktor's door chimed and he scowled. He exited the bathroom, glanced at the clock on the wall and stubbed his toe on the sofa as he made his way to the door. It opened to reveal not his friend Roger, the ship's commanding officer whom he was expecting, but S'rea.

"What is that on your face?" she immediately asked.

"Haffin hehl," Viktor tried to reply around the toothbrush still in his mouth. He removed the toothbrush while his other hand checked his towel was still firmly wrapped around his waist. "Shaving gel," he said again. He noticed her silent guard loitering in the corridor.

"You have no ridges," S'rea said and reached out her hand. Her touch along his shoulder was feather light and he had to fight off the urge to shiver.

"Sorry to disappoint," he said and stepped away from her. "What do you want, S'rea?"

"I want many things, U-man, but none of them are why I am here," she said.

Viktor raised an eyebrow at her cryptic answer. "Sounds like something a man should hear with pants on. Take a seat. I'll be back in a second. Tell your 'babysitter' to come on in."

Title:  Taken
Author:  Erica Conroy
Publisher:  E.C.
Series:  Callisto #1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Taken" by Erica Conroy

My Thoughts....

"Taken" was a good romantic science fiction read where the 'alien's will keep you turning the pages to see what will be going to happen next.  If you are looking for a read with a  'real tough female lead, humorous parts in the read that will have you laughing out loud, different cultural species, diplomatic banter wrangling, suspense and let's not leave out the  love between a alien and human.'  Take all of this in and you get a real adventurous sci-fi romantic read with many twist and turns.  I found the characters [Viktor, S'rea, Tarn, Karo, Roger] to name a few for the most part were well developed, portrayed and even somewhat believable being very strong and opinionated which gives the reader a good well written read.  Would I recommend this novel?  YES especially if you are into romantic sci-fi reads.

Oh, by the way, I enjoyed the ending "Viktor's Interview" with the reporter!

I received a copy via Insta-Freebie for an honest review.


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