Now That It's You Tawna Fenske

Book Description...

"Talented chef Meg Delaney hasn’t spoken to her cheating ex-fiancé, Matt Midland, for two years. Ditching him at the altar after blurting out “I can’t” instead of “I do” would sour any relationship. But now, just as Meg is finally ready to bury the hatchet, she learns closure is permanently off the menu. And the kicker? Matt’s brother, Kyle, is back in her life, stirring up feelings that are equal parts guilt and lust.
Meg was the best thing that never happened to Kyle. He couldn’t make a move on his brother’s girlfriend—even if Matt didn’t value her nearly enough. The situation is even more complicated now that Meg’s bestselling aphrodisiac cookbook has spawned a legal battle with the Midlands. Maybe he should stay away. But love, like family, plays by its own rules. And the one woman he shouldn’t want might be the only one who’s perfect for him."

Title:  Now That It's You
Author:  Tawna Fenske
Publisher:  Montlake Romance
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Now That It's You" by Tawna Fenske

My Thoughts...

For some  parts of the story I sort of liked the novel but still I will say there was  many things about the read that I didn't really care for.  OK, I could understand the emotions and all the grief from the read but what the brother Kyle had done because of his love for his brothers fiance was not a good thing for me to even try to understand and for Meg  to be able to forgive him in a heartbeat? This definitely left me saying how could she especially after it all comes out!  Wow!

I guess the whole idea of Meg falling for her ex fiance's brother[Kyle] had me shaking my head and saying NO way even though he had died!  Another part of the read that had me on pins and needles was Kyle's mother.  I definitely didn't like her at all!  I still couldn't figure out Meg's reasoning about that hold situation about paying for the $10,000 for taking photos for her cook book...why she even felt she had to pay it especially after it was proved that he [Matt] did say he would do it for sexual favors!  Now, that was some story!  Anyway, by the time I got to the epilogue of this novel I was really feeling I was in left field thinking there were too many questions that weren't answered for me and that ending...definitely a bit rushed!  This was a  Wow moment for me!  However, after I set back and thought a little about this novel I realized the author did a decent job with giving the readers a story but maybe it was just me:  I just didn't care for the hero or heroine so my rating came to  a 3.5 which ending up being around  a four rate.  So, all I am left saying is that this novel was about: 'death, grief and infidelity' and there is more but ....this is where I say you will have to pick this one up to see for yourself what you think of this novel 'Now That It's You.'

I received the novel from NetGallery in return for my honest opinion.


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