COVET: Deceptive Desires (A BWWM New Adult Romance) By: Amarie Avant

Book Description....

"For Jonathan Liam Delacroix Lemaitre, everything revolved around the love of his life: Raven Shaw. But they were too young, too destructive and too clueless.

Raven thought they would always be friends, yet Liam knew a different truth. The son to a vast Legacy, he is shipped off to Paris at a tender age, leaving Raven to fend for herself, full of questions and doubts.

Now, he is back in town and determined to get back in her good graces. Gone is the clumsy, fat boy he once was. In his place stands a man ready to take on the world, with the woman he wants at his side. Raven, on the other hand, can see the new man but still searches for echoes of her friend. Who is this guy that has swept into her life? He was Liam, but he wasn’t HER Liam…. And she wasn’t sure if he ever could be."

Title:  Covet: Deceptive Desires
Author:  Amarie Avant
Publisher:  Blu Savant Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Covet:  Deceptive Desires" by Amarie Avant

Definitely a attention Grabber!  
Be ready for a little bit of it all as this author will take you through lots of 'deception, drama 
 hurt, secrets and lies' with all the twist and turns with such  emotions that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  
What will happen to these two young friends .... lovers....Raven and Liam?
And what about those other intriguing characters in this  good read...some you like others
well...still well developed, portrayed and believable giving the reader one
heck of a good read.  It was quite interesting as the readers will be lead to see the 'past and present collide' in this story.  However, we will be left waiting [cliffhanger]for the next series to see how this 
story will all come out.


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