Gangsta's Paradise 2: How Deep is Your Love By: LaToya Nicole

Book Description.....

"In part 2 of the spin off from the no way out series the Jamison brothers are fighting to stay on top. A retired Kingpin and the most sought out contracted killer comes together to take down their enemies all while dealing with drama and betrayal from the women in their life. Is their love deep enough to withstand new secrets, lies, and betrayals?? Find out what happens when the untouchable finally gets touched. Who will come out on top?

Sin is still hiding and holding Paradise hostage and with each minute he knows that his time is coming to an end. Desperate to come out on top, sin seeks the help of an unlikely alli.

Kenneth "Gangsta" Jamison continues to unravel as he wreak havoc to anyone that crosses his path. Still searching for paradise and his brother Suave he now has new enemies to deal with along the way... everyone he meets has an agenda to take him out or set him up. On top of everything else that Gangsta is going through he now has a war on his hands with the Garzon Cartel family but with everyone around him missing or dead will he be able to stand against them alone and win or will Lucifer's reign finally come to an end.

Kendyl "Suave" Jamison is fighting for his life and even in a comatose state a new enemy lurks in the shadows. With no one knowing that he is still alive, will his enemy prevail with having no one to stand against them??"

Title:  Gangsta's Paradise 2
Author:  LaToya Nicole
Publisher: Mz. Lady P Presents
Series: # 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Gangsta's Paradise 2:  How Deep Is Your Love" by LaToya Nicole

My Thoughts....

Wow, what a read that the crazies really come out front and center! Now, I want to say to truly understand this read you should read 'Gangsta's Paradise.'  As the story continues on...their were a few that would not giving  up as it was for Tank.  What she had to do to find Suave was simply off the chain...definitely using her head when it looked like no one was listening to her seriously.  I loved Tanks' take change persona as she did what she had to do to save her love one from that horrible person.  As the read continues on we find some other interesting characters...Small...he was funny and hilarious with all of his bantering parts in the read.  Be aware that this is definitely a adult read! There will be scenes of things happening that I would have never thought of!   As we continue on will Gangsta be able to find Paradise before it is too late?  What part will Paradise's father come into play in all of this.  Who was Journey?  There will be lots more questions that will be answered by the time the reader gets to the end.  Will there be a HEA for Small, Suave and Gangsta and their mates?  Well, the reader will have to pick up this read to find out how this author will deliverer it to the readers.


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