Mischief's Mayhem: The Third installment in The Chloe Daniels Mysteries by Deidra D. S. Green

Book Description....

"You met the Angel of Death, the infamous Anna Black in Sick, Sicker, Sickest. Hush introduced you to Grace Pembroke Wetherby, affectionately known as the Baby Doll Killer. Bodies are stacking up with no resolution and the city of Atlanta is in an uproar. But before Dr. Daniels and Detective Phillips can get a handle on things, another notorious duo makes their debut. Major and Mayven are a modern day Bonnie and Clyde and they have a score to settle; well actually, more than one. Is this the end of Anna Black’s reign? Will the Baby Doll Killer be apprehended? Just how much havoc will Major and Mayven wreak as they take their murderous desires across state lines? Find out in Mischief’s Mayhem: The third installment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries."

Title:  Mischief's Mayhem
Author:  Deidra D. S. Green
Publisher:  Rathsi Publishing Presents
Series:  The Third Installment in The Chloe Daniels Mysteries
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Mischief's Mayhem" by Deidra D. S. Green

My Thoughts....

Well as one can see these mysteries .... continue....with Anna Black still in prison ...however will she be able to  go to trial after what has gone on with her?  Continuing on what will we find with Grace Pembroke Wetherby[Baby Doll Killer] still doing her thing time around, however, it looks like she has been caught by none other than ?  Now, in this read we get some new characters...Major and Mayven who are causing havoc across the state lines with their killings. Who are these two and why are they on this killing spree?  Now, I don't want to leave out how hard Dr. Daniels and Detective Phillips are still trying to piece these murders all together, however, it seems like they maybe getting some more help with there cases.  All in all to know what all has gone on in this series  you will have to pick up not only "Mischief's Mayhem" but the other two installments in The Chloe Daniels Mysteries to fully understand what has gone on with each of these very captivating main characters[Anna Black, Grace Pembroke Wetherby and Major & Mayven].  So, I starting my next read of this series....FIT: The 4th installment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries to get some more of this mystery read.


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