The Power of the V 2: Deadly Thirst By: Shatika Turner

Book Description....

"Sometimes, what can be good could also be deadly. In this part two of a tumultuous friendship and love affair, Asjalynn, Nyla, Saroya and Jermaine all learned the consequences of what the V can bring into your life.

Asjalynn struggles to find a way back into life after making what could’ve been a life-changing decision. All she wants to do is live life without love knocking on the door, but when it does, she can’t seem to ignore it.

Nyla is on top of the world at the simple fact that she is now someone’s wife, but for her old habits die hard, and she suddenly realizes that she’s in way over her head.

Saroya is known for not being able to leave well enough alone. She must have it all or nothing at all. When she realizes her wife isn’t who she is, she watches as things definitely take a turn for the worst. She realizes that love is not her strong suit, but will she ever walk away?

Jermaine suddenly begins to do everything that he can to show the women in his life that he is what they need him to be, but when an accident leads him back into being a monster, he walks back into a life that he is all too familiar with. He still has no control over his anger, and can only lead to more troubles and Jermaine has ever bargained for.

The Power Of The V 2: Deadly Thirst continues on the ride of four people that love wrong in all forms and leave you thinking that one of the most greatest feelings could turn deadly in any minute."

Title: The Power of the V 2: Deadly Thirst
Author: Shatika Turner
Publisher: Mz. IllWitDaPen Presents
Series: Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Power of the V 2: Deadly Thirst" by Shatika Turner

My Thoughts...

The author really does a very good job with this title and as the reader reads will find that this 'V' is a very 'powerful and dangerous things' that happened to four characters...Asjalynn, Saroya, Nyla and Jermaine. These are some very complex characters that really needs some deep help in choosing the right mate for each other. I was left wondering who I felt more sorrier for. Will they every be able to pull themselves out of this confused state that seems to involve the 'V?' It will be very interesting to see how this author will bring all of this out with all of this things that have gone on earlier. Now, that ending only left me saying wow! That Jermaine was definitely crazy! Hopefully we will get a better picture in part 3 that will give the reader a little hope that someone will come out of this situation OK either together or apart. 


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