The Model & The Madam By Roy Glenn

Book Description.......

Even though her title was underboss, Rain Robinson was The Boss of The Family now.
The Reign of Rain Robinson begins with The Model And The Madam.

With the exception of Doc, Rain had a set of new captains; Carter Garrison, Jackie Washington and newly minted captain, Ed Weather, and each had problems that had to be dealt with. Rain knew if she got involved, she could whip everybody back in line because she was the hammer and nobody wanted to deal with her punishment. But Rain understood that as the boss of The Family, she had to give them an opportunity to put their own houses in order. So she sat it out, watched and waited. But Rain was an action junkie, so she was bored—not knowing that action was waiting right outside her door.
Waiting and watching wasn’t Carmen Taylor’s thing. After Jada killed the hit man that murdered two of her informants early one morning at the City Diner, she rushed into something that may not only cost Carmen her life, but unbeknownst to her, would have far-reaching consequences in The Family.
As for Jada West, she was being Jada—a boss in her own right and an asset to The Family. After becoming aware of a potential threat inside the organization, Jada uses all the resources at her disposal to deal with the situation.
The Reign of Rain Robinson begins with a tale of nonstop action and edge of your seat suspense that all comes together in the end.

Title:  The Model & The Madam
Author:  Roy Glenn
Publisher:  Escapism Entertainment
Series:  The Reign of Rain Robinson
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Model & The Madam" by Roy Glenn

My Thoughts...

Well. all I can say is this author has done it once again and that is giving the readers another 'nonstop action' full of  it all ....suspenseful thriller urban mystery read. 
Rain Robinson is 'The Boss of The Family' which begins with "The Model & The Madam."
As always the reader will get it all as we see that their are new captains which did bring on many problems that would have to be handled.  But will this new boss let them do so as Rain has always been the take charge person?
Moving on when have Carmen Taylor in the picture as "she rushed into something that may not only cost Carmen her life, but unbeknownst to her, would have far-reaching consequences in The Family."
Now what is that all about?
Then we get another character...Jada West who "is a boss in her own right and an asset to The Family.'
What will happen when Rain gets help from Jada West that was so  definitely needed?
Will Rain be able to put her trust in Jada?  Why was Wanda acting so weird toward Jada?
I am trying not to spoil too much other than say wow what a good urban fiction read that this one was and that ending was so well bringing in Bobby and Mike back!  I loved what they were doing for  their sons...R.J. and Easy.  Even more as the story end as we find out something special that has  happened to Shy.  
Now, from all of  that you will have to pick up this good read "The Model & The Madam" to see how well this author has gives the readers another good read read that I would definitely recommend. 


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