Vegas Lights (A Sex, Drugs and Rock Romance Book 1) by S.I. Hayes (Author), J. Haney (Author)

Book Description...

"What happens in Vegas, never actually stays in Vegas…

Brent Casey aka Brent Jagger is the lead guitarist of one of the best Southern Rock bands, in the world, Fallen Angels. He’s been sober for three years when he wakes up hungover and in a bed, that isn’t his. To make matter’s worse there’s someone in bed with him, and he’s got a ring on that he doesn’t recognize. He knows quickly he’s messed up. Thinking he can just get it annulled he sneaks out of the hotel to be grabbed by his detail and shoved into his car to be taken to the airport they have a gig in Sydney, and will be gone for three months, hoping Lawyers can handle it he’s at a loss as he doesn’t even know her last name. When he finds her, he finds he’s stuck, as she burrows under his skin.

But can this mouthy, Texas girl handle the life of a Rocker? One on the brink of his addictions? Can they move past lust and find love at last?"

Title:  Vegas Lights
Author:  S. I. Hayes & J. Haney
Publisher:  Hayes/Haney
Series:  A Sex Drugs, and Rock Romance Book 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five  

"Vegas Lights" by S. I Hayes & J. Haney

My Thoughts....

I found Vegas Lights a very interesting read.  Not only was the novel a hot sexy read but one that had some real issues that could even effect those around you.  For Brent Casey[aka Brent Jagger...lead guitarist of Fallen Angles], a famous Rock Band and Marissa who was a Vegas pole dancer.... we find both had a pass they would like to forget that had some real life issues that will give  the reader quite a raw emotional roller coaster ride.  First what will happen when these two find out they are married?  It will take a minute for it all to come out and when it does there seems to be many other problems that come out too.  This was a well written rock n roll story with not only the sex, love, mental issues, parties but booze and drugs that will go along with it all.   I don't want to not mention a secondary characters especially Brent's twin bother Kyle, Steve, Ringo and Angelica to name who all had their quirks that definitely helped give this story a lots of surprising moments that you will have to pick up this read and see how well this author brings it all out.  Will Brent and Marissa be able to help each other through the messes in their lives?   Will the big surprise at the end add something wonderful for these two? Again pick up 'Vegas Lights' to see.


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