I Found Moore (All That & Moore) Kindle Edition by Celeste Granger


"So many things changed for Samantha McLemore. She found her family, the one she longed for. She found love with Lance Preston, and he loved her without condition despite her brokenness. In an instant, Samantha’s life was transformed from barely surviving to living what most would consider a dream life with her multimillionaire fiancé. Still, Samantha was scared; fearful that the love she finally felt in her heart was not real… was undeserved. Would Lance’s love be enough? Would Samantha finally feel worthy and truly let love in? "

Find out in I Found Moore. This is a standalone novella. 

Title: I Found Moore
Author: Celeste Granger
Publisher: C. G.
Series: All That & Moore
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"I Found Moore" by Celeste Granger

My Thoughts.....

I just finished reading "I Found Moore" and it was really a teary eyed read for me. I could very well understand how Samantha was feeling due to what had happened previously in her life. But now it seems like all was going her way and she was just afraid if it will last? One thing for sure she had her best friend that was right by her side all the way through this story. Also It seems like Samantha had the Moore family now with her all the way [her mom, father, and sisters] and then their was her multimillionaire fiance Lance Preston that was right with her trying to understand what she was going through. What will it take Samantha to be convinced that she now only had a family that loved her but also Lance's love too? What else could she ask for? What will happen when Samantha finally figures out that she had it all now and that she was going to be a Moore and she indeed wanted to be Mrs. Lance's Preston? I loved all of the characters from this read that gave the story a loving sweetness that told a lots about the entire story. Well, all I can say is that you will have to pick up "I Found Moore" in this quick read to see how Samantha will make it in this new world that she had it all right there at her feet. All she had to do was except it. This was indeed a beautiful quick read that I simply loved reading. 


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