The Gift Kindle Edition by Perri Forrest



It’s a week before Christmas, but Kayla Carter has nothing to celebrate. No tree, no plans, and no family to speak of. Her life is ripping apart at the seams. But this state of affairs is not new to Kayla. She is no stranger to life having its moments with her. But, at forty years old, she’s wondering why it is, that the universe is hell bent on dealing her a losing hand.

With her vehicle newly repossessed, and an eviction notice pinned to her front door, Kayla knows it’s just a matter of time before she’ll be without a roof over her head, and searching for somewhere to go. But she has nowhere to go . . .

Alone, in a world that is pulling no punches, defeat is single handedly, weighing Kayla down. And it all goes from bad to way worse, when a stranger shows up to drop off yet another piece of bad news.


When Silas Daniels arrives at Kayla’s front door, he’s there only to bring a misrouted 48-hour disconnection notice, from the gas & electric company. It mistakenly got mixed in with his daughter’s mail and he’s just there, as a favor, to deliver.

His intent is to hand the envelope off to its rightful owner, and be on his way. But when Kayla opens the door, it takes only a few seconds for Silas to see the pain inside her eyes. She’s hurting, and in his hands he holds something to twist the knife further.

He wants to help; she wants to be left alone. And while Silas wants to honor and respect her wishes, how can he walk away from her in her time of need? That’s not who he is. He simply can’t do it . . ."

Title: The Gift
Author: Perri Forrest
Publisher: P.F.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Gift" by Perri Forrest

My Thoughts....

What a beautiful story this was of Kayla and Silas. What will happen to Kayla as it seems like life has thrown her one curve ball after another? And then a Silas comes into her life and wow does things change but will there will be another curve ball thrown into all of this? I loved how this author ties the story all together by saying at the end of the story..."how sometimes you just have to be open to possibilities and to accept that love may drop down on you in unexpected ways, during really unexpected times. When those situations occur, we have to be brave enough to explore, what gift of timing can bring" as it did for Kayla and Silas. This was not only a beautiful quick read but also a sweet delightful holiday read that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. 


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