Letters From Santa (Southern Christmas Lights Novella Book 2) Kindle Edition by Linda Leigh Hargrove


"Christmas is hard to endure when you’ve lost a loved one. Monica Ferguson knows this first hand, having lost her mother to cancer at the age of 2. The rich debutante has hidden her pain for years behind a perky smile, sacrificial charity work, and a fierce work ethic. Until a family secret derails her life in the middle of planning the biggest community fundraising banquet of the year.

Monica’s old high school friend, Chelsea Parker, convinces her that the talented and mysterious chef Ciro Fields is the answer to their prayers. But can the handsome black man with ‘a thing for letters’ also be the medicine for Monica’s broken heart?:

Title:  Letters From Santa
Author:  Linda Leigh Hargrove
Publisher:  L.L.H.
Series:  Southern Christmas Lights Novella Book 2    
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating :Five

"Letters From Santa" by Linda Leigh Hargrove

My Thoughts....

This was one of those Christmas stories that will leave you with a smile on your face in how the story turns out as it did for Monica Ferguson and Ciro Fields.  What will happen as a 'family secret derails Monica's life in the middle of planning the biggest community fundraising banquet of the year?'  What will happen when  Ciro will be the "answer to prayers and also has a thing for letters be the medicine for Monica's broken heart?"  I loved how this author really gives the reader a well written sweet Christmas read and you will find out all the answers to the above questions when you pick up "Letters From Santa."


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