May I Have A Word With You? Kindle Edition by Vanessa Davis Griggs


"Devotionals to encourage and inspire using the Word of God on topics that people face in everyday life. May I have a word with you? actually comes from the sentiments expressed in “Let me talk to you” or “May I speak with you?” It’s a desire to chat with someone about something important. Another familiar expression may be, “Let me holla at you.” But the polite people generally ask permission first, respectfully saying, “May I have a word with you?” before sharing what they desire to say. For me, there’s nothing more glorious to share or talk about than the Word of God. Hence: May I have a “Word” with you? 

God’s Word is rich and more powerful than a two-edged sword. The Word of God touches every area of our lives: spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and financially. No matter what’s going on; no matter what we may be going through: There’s a word in God’s Word. My prayer is that you’ll be encouraged, enlightened, inspired, and blessed beyond measure by these devotionals as you realize you’re not alone regardless of what it might feel like. God has a purpose for your life. God is there with you through it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly. And yes; God always has a WORD for us!"

Title: May I Have A Word With You?
Author: Vanessa Davis Griggs
Publisher: V. D.G.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"May I Have A Word With You?" by Vanessa Davis Griggs

My Thoughts...

I have read this book several times and have gotten so much from this beautiful read that this author has given us. I loved how this author gives us 'The Word of God' that deals with 'every area of ones lives: 'spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and financially' and being there for us no matter what one may be going though in our daily lives. The table of contents has it all there for ore to take in what one may need at that certain time ...with some of my favorites were: All Things Work Together, The Potter and the Clay, Alone, The Power of God, Been Through It, What Are You Here To Do? Remember Your History, Lose The Weight, Make Me, Mold Me, The Right Word, Praise God Through Your Storms, The Love Of God, How Long Will You Wait On God's Promises? The Word Of God, From This Day Forward and Giving Thanks and Not Just During Thanksgiving. Now, these are only just a few that have stick with me but there is so much from this good read that you will have to pick "May I Have A Word With You?" to see for yourself how much there is just for you. Thank you to the author for such a wonderful read with wonderful devotional selections that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. 


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