Code of Silence

Author: Tim Shoemaker
Published by: Zonderkidz
Age Recommend: Preteens
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: GMTA

"Code of Silence" by Tim Shoemaker was a good mystery thriller read. This novel may have been for the middle grades( 9-12), however I (adult) was very kept on the edge of my seat through this read. There was a lots of suspense and action going on all through this read.

Hiro, Gordy and Cooper were childhood friends that was truly in the wrong place at the wrong time...witnessing a cruel robbery... who were wearing police uniforms....... at their favorite hang out..and now there friend Frank Mustacci (part- owner) was left in a coma. Thinking that the robbers were cops... they feared for their lives so ..... the three friends decided to keep this a secret..."CODE OF SILENCE".. One thing for certain these three friends did not know how much living a lie would bring havoc into their lives. Having the security camera hard drive...still Cooper was afraid to turn it over to the police because wasn't a dirty cop involved in this robbery?

Earlier, Cooper who had been caught by one of the robbers and now his his family and friends had been threaten. What was Cooper to do? One thing for sure is that this will test their friendship in that they will have to choose between what is right or wrong about telling lies.

These three characters.... Hiro, (girl) Gordy,and Cooper (boys) were very good-natured ordinary kids that were place in a horrible situation .....made this story so appealing to the reader.... especially their friendship that they shared. However, later on the story did a fourth person became their friend too? Now just who was that person?

How the author was able to get this story presented was very well thought out. Now both ... the police and bad guys are after them....Is 'It's a way for them to tell the truth without getting caught'.... now you are just going to have to read this "Code of Silence" and see how this story plays out.

In the end I believe that these friends... Hiro, Gordy, Cooper and Lunk learned just who they can trust: God, friends and parents.. with the truth .... honesty is the best and only way to go...and I believe that is the real lesson of this story. "Code of Silence" was indeed a good read and I would definitely recommend this novel for a good read for the middle grades and even the adult too.

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