Author:  Erick Burgess
Published By: Astraea Press
Age Recommend:  Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  5
Blog Review For:  Great Minds Think Aloud

"Mask of Shadows" by Erick Burgess was a very intense  suspenseful mystery read.  The setting was from a small Louisiana town .... where there is plenty of jazz, good times  and other elements going on.... like murder.

Feeling a part time private investigator and jazz club owner...Michael Drake in living a good life until all hell seems to break lose and he in involved with  his  best friends(Alex Williams) wifes' (Allison) murder.   It's like being at the wrong place at the wrong time, however, he was truly a friend .... trying to help out a friend had placed  Mike right in the middle of all this mess.... murder. 

Michael also had other responsibilities that involved taking  care of his nephew(Jordan) and then there was his father who was a retired cop that was on his case... of Michaels' getting his  priorities (life) in order. I believe this can be identified in our daily life where there seems like one person is loaded down with too much.  The way Michael had been raised ....he was determined to give his nephew a better life....but at what price was he doing it? Was Mike really raised that bad?  His father really only wanted what was best for Micheal... Could Michael not see that?    It was a good thing that Mikes parents were there to help out in this situation with Jordan...because help was definitely needed...and one important fact was that Family came first.

Now getting back to the murder of Michaels' best friends wife....well I can only say I don't want to give that I will say you will only have to pick up thisgreat read to find out how it all plays out.... and you may be surprised as I was who the murderer was....This best friend of Michaels'(Alex)...I don't know about that friendship.... but I do know people can forgive...After all...what had Mike done that needed forgiving?   Again not wanting to give any of this away...I will just say you will have to pick up this excellent read " Mask of Shadows" to find out what, who and how it plays out.  It is really some ending!

The characters... I can not say enough about.... I enjoyed the way the author was able to bring in the twist and turns...and there were many...characters.... I won't name them all.. well maybe....but there was   Michael, Alex, Allison, Joey, Big Al, Mona, Clara Simms, Becky, Michelle, John Packer, Ester, Trey, Sharon Bryant, Mom, Dad,Grandpa, Ophelia, Lorraine, Mason, Melinda Morris, Hustler, Norman, Coleman, Rev. Walls, Cynthia,Eric Baxter, Uncle Hestler... James(uncle), Leroy, Tulow, Pamela Rheams, Daniel Trent,and LaTrina Jeckins....and I am sure I missed someone you must get this read and find out who? Believe me, these characters really made this read very intriguing to read.
I enjoyed this long read "Mask of Shadows" and I am sure if you are in for a good mystery.... you will find this one a excellent  and well written read.


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