NO-name BABY

Author: Nancy Bo Flood
Published by: namelos IIc
Age Recommend: 14+
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 4
Blog Review For: GMTA

"No-Name Baby" by Nancy Bo Flood was a very good read.The novel is of a teenager (Sophie) who was a Italian immigrant from Illinois after World War I. Sophie thought she had caused her mother to go into premature labour, since her mom had lost other babies...that was greatly on her mind. Then there was a aunt(Rae)... that seemed to cause great tension between her(Sophia). Just what was going on would soon be understood. Her aunt Rae tells Sophia of her bea (Alessandro). He had left for the War and he never came back .... he was shot down.... buried in Italy.

The author really brings out the characters with all of the work..doing chores, watching the baby, dealing with that Aunt Rae,seeing if her mom, Nonna, and her dad needed anything and
then there was the boy (Karl) next door. And then the big incident in the Orchard... What had happened between Sophia and her aunt Rae? This is where you will have to pick up this good read to find out just what is going on.

There was the Family Bible that held everything that Sophia needed to know about her family... but where was her name? Was she a bastard child? Just who was her mother? After much explanation being given ...everything comes out and this secret unfolds.

"No-Name Baby" was indeed a wonderful story how Sophia was able to finally understand the situation of just what had gone on in her life. Sophia was very mature young lady and all I can say is .... Wow! .. what a story! Sophia now knew the secret about her family.

I would definitely recommend this as a good for a YA read.


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