Leftovers: The Novel

Author: Author Wooten
Published By: Galaxias Productions
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: Great Minds Think Aloud

"Leftovers: A Novel" by Author Wooten was truly a wonderful 1950's read. I laugh so hard at so many funny parts in this novel and let's not forget the drama. Could this new divorced and dead broke homemaker have hopes of obtaining self-respect, financial security and a real love selling guess what?" ... 'TUPPERWARE'

Vivian Lawson's thought she would be a perfect American suburban housewife but this was not to be...for her husband had divorced her leaving her penniless. Vivian needed a job and nothing was available in this New England town so through her friend, Babs.... Vivian becomes a Tupperware Lady. Would Vivian be able to handle selling this? For she was very frighten and with Vivian's low self-esteem her friend, Barb and her brother Stew... 'along with the creator of Tupperware Home Party Plan system, Brownie Wise, was able to bring through the evil spirit that had her bond'..... Will Vivian be able to take complete charge of her own life?

"Leftovers: A Novel" was a story of a woman who is faced with bad mistakes but this person was able to build her sense of self esteem and come into her own person. Vivian was now having a meaning to her life. Coming from a marriage where there was no love,having a heartless mother .... now she has control of her life...coming from heartbreak, failure, to redemption, and then triumph of finding a her true love. Now who was that? You will have to pick up this great read and find out how the author is able to put this together. It is a very interesting read. This novel is one that is hard to put down until you are finished.

The details that were delivered in this novel was simply off the chart.... making you feel that you are there in the auditorium at the Tupperware Jubilee .... the Wish Fairy....Valedictorian..... the visit to Brownie's home....deepest desire... the NY visit, buying a home and I am not telling any more! You will have to read this for yourself because it is such a good read.

Definitely the overall message was that by changing ones situation in life .... can become better for you... if you desire it..... but should you forget how you got there? I would definitely recommend "Leftovers" as a excellent read.

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