"Pegasus" by Marilyn Holdsworth was really a eye opener for me that this type of treatment of cruelty of animals actually happens. Wow! It is even more appealing to know there are 'those who love animals and stand up for their rights.' YES!

"Pegasus" was really a ride from the beginning of the story till the very end focusing on humanity toward these wild mustangs and racehorses that the owner, Victor Rossi who sold badly damaged horses to overseas meat markets. How this turns out is really worth the read of "Pegasus." The authors characters were really very interesting in how Hannah Bradley(who was a journalist-heroine) and Winston Caughfield(a lawyer-hero) coming together ...both widowers...finding love....and not just of horses...... the rescue of 'Pegasus' .... the horse rescue to healing was a miracle all in itself....definitely a one of a kind horse. Had Pegasus been a racing horse? You must get this wonderful read to find out this and more.

With Hannah and Winston coming together to save these horses from slaughter was a real interesting read to see how this was done. The other characters... Mary Little Deer, Hank,Victor, Candy, Al, Dee Dee, Dr.Ward Stevens, Mike Adams,Martha Preacher, Clyde Morris, Black Hawk, Aaron Carson, B. Jay and Franz only to name a few really made this novel a good read.

"Pegasus" was filled with fast and action packed mystery,adventure and romance that would definitely hold your attention for a unforgettable read. Even if you aren't a animal lover I think you will still enjoy this novel but if you are a lover I would definitely recommend it to you as a excellent read.


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