Author:  A.D. Koboah
Published By:  Berkley
Age Recommend:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  5
Blog Review For: Librarything

"Dark Genesis" by A.D. Koboah was indeed a interesting read for me.  I am a African American  and
I am very careful of my reads with any 'slaves' however, the book cover caught my attention and I thought I would see just  what "Dark Genesis" was about.

This novel dealt with the story of Luna who was a beautiful slave with supernatural powers...having the gift of the second site, that had been through so much....taken from her mom, then be served up to two masters (Henry & John) then taken away by Avery (demon).  This was very appealing to see this love affair blossom with Luna and  this demon who had suffered for so long.... but he could read her thoughts...then he leaves and Luna goes and looks for him...and found him  by the lake..was she falling in lovewith Avery... a 'walking aberration.'  Teaching her to read, rid Julia (horse) and shoot a gun.  Oh my what a  story!....Avery left her with a gold chain, farmhouse and even ...Dembi,,,,now  you will have to pick up this novel ..."Dark Genesis" and get all of this well written story. 

The characters were a real lively group ....Luna, Jupiter(Dembi), Father Geoffrey, Mama Akosua, Ebenezer, Mr. Walker, Matthew, Zila, and Avery, Lina... and a few others I have left out.  The author really knew how to keep the reader interested in the read because each chapter got even more engaging in its twist and many turns.

After reading "Dark Genesis"   I thought it was a novel that I could recommend as a good read.


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