"Scandal..The Death Of A Legacy" by Johnny Ray was a very intriguing romantic thriller mystery. This novel was one that will keep you reading it until you were finished because it will have you wanting to know what twist and turn is coming next. I really liked the way the authors' presentation from the first page. Be warn we are dealing with the subject... RAPE... and I felt it was dealt with very well.

The story dealt with Kristina who had become pregnant and did not remember any of it... only she had been on a company cruise party and believed someone had slipped something into her drink ..had she been date raped? With Kristina wanting to find out who had done this to her ... she hooked up with the company's security man Shawn hoping he could help her find the answers that she needed: Who Had Done This To Her? For some reason Shawn seemed to be the only one she could trust...or could she? With Shawn having hidden secrets of his own could he possibly relate to what was going on with Kristina? The big question came to who was responsible for what had happened to Kristina and would she keep the baby or abort? How and why was this so important to Shawn? How was this bodyguard going to be able protect Kristina? Was there some romantic twist going on between these two? The answers to all these question you will get from your read of "Scandal"  plus much more.

In the end... will all the secrets come out and will the girl gets the guy and they live happy ever after? "Scandal"  was a good read and I would recommend to anyone who would not be uncomfortable of a story dealing with rape.


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