The Way You Look Tonight (The Sullivan's #9) By Bella Andre

Title:  The Way You Look Tonight
Author:  Bella Andre
Published: Oak Press LLC
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Series: The Sullivan's #9, Seattle Sullivans # 1
Rating: 5

"The Way You Look Tonight" by Bella Andre was the meeting of the Seattle, WA Sullivan
Family.  These Sullivan's are the cousins of 'Chase, Marcus, Gabe, Zach, Ryan, Smith Naughty
and Nice.'  This series is about Rafe Sullivan who was a very successful PI and wasn't enjoying
his job the way he use to.  Mia, Rafe sister thought a vacation was needed and gets him to buy the
lake house that had once belonged to his parents when they were kids.  So, Rafe heads for the lake
house and who does he find is his next door neighbor?  A childhood friend named Brooke Jansen
was now living her grandparents home. Brooke's grandparents had passed away and left her  their
house.  Brooke had been living in the house for three years and had  owned a Truffle business .  Now,
this is where I say you must pick up the wonderful read to see what will happen after Rafe and
Brooke meet up after all this time.  I don't want to give any of it away but  I will ask will there be
a 'summer fling' between these two?  I simply loved how this author put this story all together
because be aware there will be hot sexy and even some kinky stuff going on.  I found the characters were all well developed, interesting and oh so such a  colorful only giving the reader an amazing good read. I also enjoyed how the author presented detailed descriptions of the cabin and lake in this resort area.  You will find yourself laughing and smiling as  you read through "The Way You Look Tonight." By the end of this read you will find yourself just waiting to the next Sullivan story and with that being said would I  recommend this series?  YES, YES and YES!  This was truly a beautiful read of the 'Seattle Sullivan's.'   


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