When Perfection Falls By Tyora Moody

Title: When Perfection Fails
Author: Tyora Moody
Published: Urban Books
Series: Victory Gospel Series #3
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"When Perfection Fails" by Tyora Moody was the third in this author inspiritual series: 'Victory Gospel Series.' I believe to truly understand this wonderful written novel that you really should pick up and the first two novels and read them. You will see how this novel is presented so smoothly as we are now dealing with the Freeman's... so just what is their story?

This author really showed the reader what really can go on in a minister's family. We find that the Freemans were not the 'media darlings and a model couple; the picture of perfection.' Why was this?

We find that Jonathan Freeman was now the pastor of Victory Gospel Church due the fact that his father (Jeremiah Freeman) who had been the pastor had passed away and he now had taken charge of that position. This position had been new to Jonathan and his family but know he had also been offered something else that would possibly be of interest to him...going into polities. However, before Jonathan was able to talk this over with his wife....Lenora finds out and she was
very upset about this. Was Jonathan taking more than he could handle? Were there secrets not being shared by this husband and wife? What all will come out from this secret?

Lenora Freeman was the beautiful first lady of Victory Gospel Church and was a 'Wedding Planner' with her own business that she had long established. Everything had seemed to be going well for her, however were there secrets of her pass that would come to the light after her childhood best friend Charmayne makes an appearance at her bridal shop? How does this "carefully guarded secret catches up with Lenora and it threatens her security as well as that of her family."

How will Lenora be able to "fight to protect the man she loves and the beautiful life God has blessed her to have?" This is where I say you must pick up the amazing good read to see how this author will bring it all out to the readers with all question and more will be answered.

This author characters were all well developed, memorable, well portrayed, and so well colorful only giving us a very well written read. I found the novel rather long but this author was able to give the reader a read that was well presented well from the start till the finish. I found there were no loose ends left untouched...definitely a well rounded read. What I really liked was there were many characters that were in the previous series showed up in "When Perfection Fall" which really helped tie this novel series together. This was a wonderful good read that I recommend for all to read.


  1. Thank you, Arlena! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading "When Perfection Fails." It was kind of bittersweet to conclude this series and I definitely enjoyed getting to feature all of the main characters from the previous book in what I hope was a unique way. Look out for the spin-off series. There was one character who I kept kind of open-ended. I let you guess who? :)

    Many Blessings to you!


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