Always a Bridesmaid By: Karen Sloan-Brown

Book Description....

"Tia King knows she's a "total package," attractive, trustworthy, personable, a great cook, and educated, only one semester away from earning her Ph.D. But like Billy Dee Williams said in the movie, Mahogany, "Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with!" Men had always been drawn to her like black folks to a picnic but the relationships never lasted. She was way past tired of standing up as a bridesmaid watching her girlfriends walk down the aisle one after another. It's time for her to find a job making some real money and the man of her dreams, except every time she gets close to either something stands in her way."

Title:  Always a Bridesmaid
Author:  Karen Sloan-Brown
Publisher:  Brown Reflections
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Always a Bridesmaid" by Karen Sloan-Brown

My Thoughts....

This young lady Tia Annette King had several goals in her mind but will she be able to get that 'total package' that she so dearly wanted.  Being a educated woman with a Ph. D. from Tennessee State University, surely getting a job wouldn't be a problem for her...or would it?  Also after being a bridesmaid so often in her girlfriends weddings, surely she would find 'the man of her dreams.' Or was that to be for Dr. Tia King?  Truly having boy friends had never seemed to be a problem for Tia even though she was a little on the heavy side, but it seemed like it never got passed that step [boyfriend] for her.  Now, why was this?  Let has been truly a journey for Tia with all of the boyfriends she had in her lifetime and she was in her thirty's and definitely wanted more out of life.  Let's travel through a few of Ms. Tia's guy their was Wayne, Tim [her first serious boyfriend], Charles, Reggie, Tony, Curtis, Gary, Jason [just friend], Stephen, Kevin, Earnest, [Randy, Earl, Darnell...from online] and finally Michael [I hope I didn't leave anyone out]! Now, I can only say you will have to read this well written story to see for yourself just how particular Tia was in finally landing someone who 'was tall,dark, handsome, employed, educated, trustworthy, dependable, and sexually attracted to her.'  I definitely have to mention that Tia had several girlfriends that were wonderful [Yvonne, Denise] however, one friend that truly stood out [Jazz] who was their with her along this long tedious journey of being their for her in the midst of it all.  I would say I only wished for such a person in my life [a true friend]. That may not make a whole lot of sense but it does to me and I am sure the reader will see this thought pattern also as you read through from this wonderful novel. It was quite interesting as this author brings it all out to just why Tia's relationships had never lasted.  I will close now and only say Wow...what a read!  You will have to keep up because this author gives the reader a lot to absorb...from a ailing mother to a daughter finally 'listening to her Pastor..."Let the man find you, and don't go chasing every Tim, James and Larry."  So, will Dr. Tia Annette King finally get her HEA?  You will just have to pick up the read to see for yourself!

Thank you to the author for the gift of the novel for me giving my honest opinion of "Always a Bridesmaid."    


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