Sometimes I'm In My Feelings By: Anna Black

Book Description....

"Don’t all women wish men came with a warning label or a caution sign? That would be ideal and save a lot of heartache and pain.
Meet Anika, Mia and Legacy. Three friends going through the trials and tribulations of love and heartache. Young and deep in love, they can’t seem to let go of the men they’ve fallen madly in love with.
When Anika is forced to face the truth she was so determined to find, her world comes crumbling down, and she has to decide whether to love herself first or stay in a relationship that could destroy her.
Mia is given a reality check and quickly learns that looks don’t always keep a man, and that sometimes men make promises they can’t keep to get what they want.
Legacy is tired of being put on the back-burner and finally realizes she deserves better. Unfortunately, her other half plays on her low self-esteem and uses it to his advantage, but Legacy has had enough.
The women find themselves sacrificing their values, morals and standards over men who toy with their feelings and emotions. When the drama and secrets become deeper than one could imagine, this trio fights to find the love for themselves again while they struggle to let go of the men who are not quite right for them.
Will these three overcome their insecurities, or will they stay in their feelings and keep holding on to the wrong damn man?"

Title:  Sometimes I'm In My Feelings
Author:  Anna Black
Publisher:  Cole Hart Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Sometimes I'm In My Feelings" by Anna Black 

My Viewpoints....

I don't know who I felt more sorry for...Anika [NeNe], Mia or Legacy.  Truly you will find that all of these women will "find themselves sacrificing their values, morals and standards over men who toy with their feelings and emotions."  I am not sure who was the worse man in these women's life.  Truly from Kenny, Rey,[Lisa], Omari, Rene' and I am still not one hundred percent about Jaxson and Morris. With all of the drama, lies, secrets and with the twist and turns in the read you will be kept alert turning the pages to see what will happen in the next chapter.  This author really brings out the pain that both the ladies and the men where you could feel some of the heartache and pain that one receives when one cheats!  I found all of these characters were well developed, portrayed...but few were truly believable as you read and see what is still going on.  Now, I hate to tell you but this novel leaves us with a we will have to put up this next series to see how all of this will come out...for Anika, Mia and Legacy.


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