Secrets I Should've Told You First: A BWWM Mafia Love story By: Resa & Jroc

Book Description...

"Allison McPhearson is at the wrong place at the wrong time, so she has no choice but to do the only thing she knows to do. She must kill Allison McPhearson and run, if she wants to survive.

Aidan James is contracted to do a job. Instead of doing that job, he marries Allison. His mark. He brings her nothing but happiness and joy to her new life. But Allison doesn’t know that he’s part of the danger that’s been lurking.

Pete “Snake Eyes” Maseretti has secrets that he needs to keep at all cost. He will go to any lengths to protect himself, even if it means hunting down the woman who can bring him down by telling everything she saw.

Can Aidan keep Allison safe from the danger that’s lurking or is he the one she should truly be afraid of?

Come along with RESA and JROC on this romantic tale of suspense, intrigue and drama."

Title:  Secrets I Should've Told You First
Author:  Resa & Jroc
Publisher:  Nayberry Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Secrets I Should've Told You First" by Resa & Jroc

My Thoughts....

What a interesting story that both author's gives the readers.   So, will Aidan be able to get over Allison?  Will Aidan  be able to do what Pete 'Snake Eyes' Maseretti  wants him to do in order to get his son back?  What was this big secret that Aidan held back from Allison?  Can this  Snake be trusted?  This was quite a read that is full of many twist, conflict, suspense and drama. What will happen when the tables are turned and will Allison be able to save Aidan as his life hangs in the balance on the mountain top?  The story will keep your attention as the reader will be captivating turning the pages to see what will happen next. So, how will this turn out? Will they be able to get to their son, Xander before it's too late?  But before all of this can happen....this is where I say you will have to pick up this read to see how it will turn out.  Believe me it was one interesting ending!


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