Joyful: A Truthful Guide To Finding Peace And Living A Fulfilling Life By: Toks Adebiyi

Book Description....

"Successful or not. Rich or poor. People use plenty of terms to determine and define happiness—but is it really joy they're seeking?

Author Toks Adebiyi shares examples from his time in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom in the inspirational memoir Joyful. Like many others, Toks got caught up in the push for wealth and popularity and dreamed of becoming the next Richard Branson or Robert Kiyosaki. But when events in his life brought him back down to earth, he began to redefine what joy meant to him.

Here, Toks shares what he found, laying out a path for others to follow in advice-filled chapters such as "Loving Yourself" and "Mind Your Environment." All throughout, he includes action points to aid others in their own pursuit of joy.

Joyful is specifically targeted at young readers and families. This lighthearted, easy-to-read guide will help you find what matters most in your life—and what you really need to find inner peace."

Title:  Joyful:  A Truthful Guide To Finding Peace and Living a Fulfilling Life
Author:  Toks Adebiyi
Publisher:  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Joyful:  A Truthful Guide To Finding Peace And Living A fulfilling Life" by Toks Adebiyi

My Thoughts.....

Quite a interesting quick read where the first part of the book was about the author's life and the other half of the read was divided life's lessons in putting the joy into ones everyday situation.  I enjoy this author fascinating story of when he was in Lagos, Nigeria and that whole experience showing the difference from being materialistic as well as successful. In the end if one really loves himself that will seem to give one the feeling of joy rather than having all of the stress in ones daily life.

From the read one will be definitely be directed to the fact that 'Joy is not find in materialistic things but within us.'  This is a christian read for anyone who maybe interested in wanting to  have a better quality of life as the author points to the power of God being our source of our the joy that is already within. The reader will be drawn into this read being able to look at things somewhat differently and with that being able to ignore many outside stressful pressures.  In the end the novel "Joyful" gives one a wonderful guide, enjoyable read and most of all a inspirational look at how to succeed and have a quality life.


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