Broken Crayons Color Best: The Poetic Memoir of Me, by Niki Jilvontae

Book Description....

"Broken Crayons Color Best : The Poetic Memoir of Me is the raw, heart wrenching, triumphant, broken, strong, and loving story of the author and publisher known to the world as Niki Jilvontae. Within these pages Niki tells the story of her life by mixing in poems, photographs , and a bit of imagination to cut the pain. Niki delves into her memory and exposes her ability to paint a picture with words as she reveals herself to the world... in every single way. She shows the long hard journey of a broken girl, who learns a valuable life lesson along the way. That lesson is to never stop painting the picture of your life, no matter how dark the hues may be. In the words of Niki Jilvontae, "What matters most is the picture you're left with, even if your colors are faint. Just keep coloring and making your future what you want it to be because it's true... Broken Crayons Color Best!" Grab this emotional look into the life of Bestselling author Niki Jilvontae and get to know who she really living color!"

Title:  Broken Crayons Color Best:  The Poetic Memoir of Me
Author:  Niki Jilvontae
Publisher: Pen Hustlas Publications
Series:  Volume 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

Broken Crayons Color Best:  The Poetic Memoir of Me" by Niki Jilvontae

My Thoughts....

I can't say it any other way than this author puts it..."This book is for the underdog, the abused, the hurt, the scared, the angry."  Just to "Know that there is light after the darkness.  Just hold on!!"  I truly could not say it any better than this author puts it out their for her readers.  The story really left me shaking my head and saying oh my God!  Really?  How much can one person take?  But knowing in the end that 'no matter how dark the hues are in ones life...'Broken Crayons Color Best!!!"  Now to understand this well told story one will have to pick up this read to see how well this author brings it out so well to the reader definitely showing it doesn't matter what you have been presented should never give up.  Thank you to the author so much for sharing this story with us!

Now to put the icing on the cake....the poems were simply off the chart well done and went so well with each chapter!

Here are the titles of each of the poems presented that definitely caught my attention with them being so well done.

"Precious" [one of my favorites]
"The Dove"
"Strength"  [another on of my favorites]
"Pure Bliss"
"Gone with the Wind"
"My Dreams"
"A New Day"
"The Past"
"What Do You See"
"Love Is"
"Black Child"
"Self-Preservation"  [another one of my favorites]
"My Passion"
"Light My Path"
"Staying Grounded" [another one I truly enjoyed]
"I Can Finally Fly"

Now, to get the rest of this amazing story you will have to tune into part 2 to get the rest of the story.


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