What Lies Beneath 2 By Faith Weathers

Book Description....

"The drama continues in the Parrish family after a devastating secret is revealed. Queenie the family matriach tries her best to hold her family together amidst all of the chaos. The death of Gavin uncovered a lot of buried secrets, but should some secrets have stay buried?
What Lies Beneath tackles family drama at its best. Life is changing for each of the Parrish children. Will they rely on each other as they were taught or will their problems eventually tear them apart?
Nestled in the sleepy town of Majestic, North Carolina, the lavish land and beautiful scenery that cascades around The Big House where the Parrish Family resides unfolds family secrets that have been nestled into the landscape are finally becoming unearthed.
For every action, there is a reaction, no matter how much you love your family."

Title:  What Lies Beneath 2
Author:  Faith Weathers
Publisher:   PenBullies 
Series:  Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"What Lies Beneath 2" by Faith Weathers

My View.....

What a read!  This story will definitely have you emotionally all over the place with every page having something that will simply blow you mind.  I found all of the characters [Georgia, Carson, Savannah, Delta] to name a few giving the reader a little bit of it all from 'drama, concern, approval, confused, support to even some growth' in this Parrish family. What a family that may 'go hard' but in the end will be their for each other. The reader will be kept in the state of what dark secrets will be dropping next.  But will this family survive with this latest acknowledgement from that Ms. Monica? To find out you will have to get this author's next novel to see what all will be happening next ....as this drama continues in this Parrish family!


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