Honor My Gangsta By: Pebbles Starr

Book Description...

"Everything changes for Princess the moment she realizes her ex is back in town. It's been a year but he still has a powerful hold on her, one that causes her to act like a shy, little school girl with a crush. Upon his return, she's hopeful that they can rekindle what they had, but there's only one problem. Kaleb has an allotted time to live...

Pluto's world is turned upside down when a feisty, hot-headed kleptomaniac falls into his lap. Jazz is everything his homeboys warned him to stay away from. And while he knows she isn't the ideal woman for him, he's drawn to her and unfazed by her troublesome ways. If anything, it proves to be a challenge for him. But will conquering that challenge cost him his life?

"Honor My Gangsta" is the riveting continuation of "Your Spouse, My Sponsor". If you loved Kirby and Grip, and all their juicy drama, you'll enjoy this spin-off, filled with love, betrayal, heart-ache, and greed."

Title:  Honor My Gangsta
Author:  Pebbles Starr
Publisher: Jade Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Honor My Gangsta" by Pebbles Starr

My Thoughts....

This author really know how to tell a urban fiction that will keep your attention and have you wanting more.  The characters...from Princess, Kaleb, Tammy, Luna, Pluto [Parker], Jazz, Ken,  Kadir, Grip,  Kayla, Raiden, Tyra  to a few others will definitely keep your attention because there is as always so much going on.  Be ready for secrets, lust, ruthlessness, greed, engagement, love triangle, twist and turns, romance and death giving this story one captivating good read. Well, in the end will Princess get her HEA?  What in the world was Kadir up too? Will Kaleb be able to save Princess' before it's too late?   I guess we will have to wait until part two to get the rest of this well written story.


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