Feelin' Bitchy By: Faith Weathers

Book Description...

"It's a thin line between love and hate and it can also be dangerous when a woman loses herself in a man. Denver learns this firsthand when she gets her heart broken and it turns her world upside down. The death of a dream can make a woman do some crazy things. Denver trades in her smile for a resting bitch face as she struggles with her new reality. She has to face some of her issues that brought her to this place. Will she bounce back from the hurt and pain or will she remain bitter? Sometimes the very thing you need is right in front of you, but when you are blinded by pain and regret, it’s hard to see it. This is Denver's journey to find her way back to herself after she's lost herself along the way. Will Denver learn from her mistakes and move on with her life? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Can Denver move past this or will she remain Feelin' Bitchy?"

Title:  Feelin' Bitchy
Author:  Faith
Publisher:  Pen Bullies LLC
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Feelin' Bitchy"  by Faith

My Viewpoint....

What  a very serious read that was so real in that it happens daily  in this world we live in that many women have experienced.  This was a good story line even sometimes morbid at times however it will keep your attention till the end giving you a read about 'friendship, relationships, drama and the struggle of one trying to reach their dreams.' The characters in the novel were well...some were definitely unbelievable in what one would do in letting someone get over on them....as it was for Denver.  I was left wondering how could a woman [Denver] let a man [JMac/Johnathan] degrade her so very much that it left her life in such a mess.  It seemed like she wasn't even able to recognize someone that was right in front of her that loved her.  Why was Denver at times so mean to Marco especially after all he had done for her?  Did all of this have anything to do with why Denver starting to 'Feelin' Bitchy?' Was Denver a different person due to what she had done for someone she thought loved her? I can see how this author came up with a excellent title for this story. It definitely fits the story.   Now, from this read the reader will get some good well developed people...like Yummy, Marco, Ms Kitty, Ms Verdi, and Tao to  name a few  that all had their own stories too. Yummy was Denver's best friend and indeed crazy but who seemed to be their for her through the thick and the thin definitely telling her just how it was but will Denver listen?  I can see through this story that Denver had a hard life and just wanted a family and for some reason she thought that this JMac was it.  Will Denver take even Ms. Verdi's and Ms. Kitty's  advice about having a choice and happiness? Will Denver finally get a new dream that she can live with and be happy?  As this story will go back and forth the reader will get one well told story that is full of many twist and turns. This is definitely a read that will have you laughing, screaming and even crying.  "Will Denver learn from her mistakes and move on with her life? Oh my what a ending!  Well, when it's all said and done how will this story truly  turn out for Denver?  To get all the answers you will have to pick up part two of this read because this one is 'To be continued.........'


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