A Seasonal Reunion By: Anne Brooke

Title:  A Seasonal Reunion
Author:  Anne Brooke
Publisher: A.B.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"A Seasonal Reunion" by Anne Brooke....

What was this novel about?

Danny Brigson makes a serious mistake when he sleeps with Marty, an old boyfriend at an ill-advised reunion. He tries to cover it up, but Marty tells all, and the love of Danny's life, Jake, throws him out.

Over the next year, Danny tries to sort his life out, determined to stop relying on drugs and drink to get him through. Can he even dare to hope that one day Jake might give him the chance to put things right?

What I thought about this novel...

The author presents a short story to the reader showing what Danny had done to  cause hurt from a mistake that he made while drunk. Will his partner(Jake)  be able to forgive him after finding out what had gone on with  Danny and his ex?  This author took us on a little journey of fixing Danny and YES, this is a gay read.  Thankful for Danny's friend and boss Robert, will  he be able to get him on the right track that he so desperately needed?  From the read you  can see just how this was done and I will stop here not wanting to spoil it and say you must pick up the read to see what the outcome will be for Danny.  Will Danny be able to fix his problems so he can have a lasting relationship with his partner Jake?  I found "A Seasonal Reunion" was a story of what can happen in a relationship when one steps out whether it is due to drugs and or alcohol, whatever the case may be.  I will say it was an interesting story seeing how this story plays out. 


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