Till You Come Back To Me By: Chicki Brown

Title:  Till You Come Back To Me
Author:  Chicki Brown
Publisher:  C.B.
Series:  The Stafford Brothers Series Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Till You Come Back To Me" by Chicki Brown...

What was this novel about?

"Atlanta plastic surgeon Charles Stafford is giving up his successful practice to volunteer his services in Nigeria with a medical organization. Even though he’s excited about this major career move, he has no idea how much his life is about to change.

Nurse Adanna Okoro is one of the six medical professionals working at a small village hospital thirty minutes outside of Lagos, Nigeria. She loves her job and is devoted to the people she serves. When the hospital is notified that it has been chosen to host a team of foreign doctors, Adanna meets the man she has always dreamed of."

What I like about this novel...

This novel was a sweet romance featuring Charles Stafford and Nurse Adanna Okoro. This was the second one of the Stafford brothers and I did found the read definitely somewhat different from the first series. It was interesting in seeing some of the family drama that did go on in  each of the families of Charles and Adanna and seeing how they go through it all  is really amazing by the end of the story.  Charles is finding is professional fulfillment after he starts working in Africa and meeting Adanna who was a nurse .  This author really presents us a well written story of bringing these two together and I will stop here and say you must pick up the good read to see for yourself how it all comes out.

What I also loved about this read.....

The author really presented  to the reader some excellent knowledge of the Nigerian culture and their politics.  I loved the interest  taken with baby Chichi.  This Doctors Without Borders was quite interesting group of Doctors. 

Overall impression....

"Till You Come Back To Me" was a very easy nice pace read  that was very understandable, along with it being entertaining that will keep your attention.  It  was a good follow up from the first series  featuring a  Stafford brother Marc... with this series being of Charles.  That only leaves me to say  I will be waiting  for the next series featuring Greg Stafford in 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough.'


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