Debbie Doesn't Do it Anymore By: Walter Mosley

Title:  Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore
Author:  Walter Mosley
Publisher:  Doubleday
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore" by Walter Mosley...

What is this novel about?

"In this scorching, mournful, often explicit, and never less than moving literary novel by the famed creator of the Easy Rawlins series, Debbie Dare, a black porn queen, has to come to terms with her sordid life in the adult entertainment industry after her tomcatting husband dies in a hot tub. Electrocuted. With another woman in there with him. Debbie decides she just isn't going to "do it anymore." But executing her exit strategy from the porn world is a wrenching and far from simple process.

Millions of men (and no doubt many women) have watched famed black porn queen Debbie Dare—she of the blond wig and blue contacts-"do it" on television and computer screens every which way with every combination of partners the mind of man can imagine. But one day an unexpected and thunderous on-set orgasm catches Debbie unawares, and when she returns to the mansion she shares with her husband, insatiable former porn star and "film producer" Theon Pinkney, she discovers that he's died in a case of hot tub electrocution, "auditioning" an aspiring "starlet." Burdened with massive debts that her husband incurred, and which various L.A. heavies want to collect on, Debbie must reckon with a life spent in the peculiar subculture of the pornography industry and her estrangement from her family and the child she had to give up. She's done with porn, but her options for what might come next include the possibility of suicide. Debbie . . . is a portrait of a ransacked but resilient soul in search of salvation and a cure for grief."

What I liked about this novel...

This author gives the reader one interesting raw read of the pornography industry and the efforts of a woman named Debbie Dare and finding redemption in a  Sandra Peel.  I will have to say this was different from his previous novel...Devil in a Blue Dress (Easy Rawlins Mysteries) in which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Now, after saying that I will say this novel was a good one too.   I found  it was an intriguing read of this protagonist porn star being able to change her previous path of choices of change and even some redemption.  This will be a read of a roller coaster ride and will  keep your attention as Debbie will be presented with discovering her husband dead, sorting out finances and finding debt, handling racism on to setting up an agenda for her new life that was ahead for building a new life. The characters were all well developed, well portrayed and believable.  And as usual this author helps to get the reader  into the soul of his characters. Be prepared for the most part there was a good balance of the sexual and violence content scenes in the read.   

What I especially liked from the read...

"Debbie Doesn't Do It Anymore" was a fast mystery read.  Once you start reading you will not want to put it down until the end.  Yes, this  novel is somewhat different from some of this author's other novels  but yet it is again a good one that I would recommend to you. 



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