Dreamweaver Trail By: Emily March

Title:  Dreamweaver Trail
Author:  Emily March
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Series:  Eternity Springs #8
  • Genre: Romance
  • Rating:4.5
  • Review:

"Dreamweaver Trail" by Emily March ....

What is this novel about....

"Love and forgiveness spin their magic as a woman discovers that home is where her heart belongs in Emily March’s moving new Eternity Springs novel. After another lonely Valentine’s Day, Gabi Romano trades mountain snowfall for sunshine and sand at a luxurious Caribbean getaway. There she discovers a hidden talent for creating fine art glass. She also meets Flynn Brogan, the sexy caretaker next door who brings her fantasies to life. But when violence interrupts their romantic interlude, she learns that Flynn is living a lie. Heartsick, she decides to concentrate on her craft. Playing with fire is safer than loving a man like Flynn.

Flynn is determined to make things right with Gabi—until his enemies interfere. Now damaged and driven by a need he cannot define, he seeks out Gabi’s Colorado community, hoping for reconciliation and some peace. But he never imagined a place like Eternity Springs, where lives are changed, second chances are given, and the possibility exists for two wounded souls to find their way home . . . to each other."

What I like about this novel.....

This series was of Gabi Romano and Flynn Brogan.  I thought only magic could bring them together with  all they had to go through.  I felt this was a enjoyable contemporary romance  with some suspense that will get and keep you attention till the end.  This author seemed to have a way in portraying the folks of Eternity Springs in her series  who really had to fight many hardships of life but in the end they are able to find love and even come out the better for it.  How this author is able to do this is simply something...where you will find some 'humor, drama, trials, sex, tribulations' and only in the end there seems to  be a healing process that will come about. 

Bringing these two together ...Gabi who seems to have lost it all and then there is Flynn who has a painful past and a bucket load of bad luck...however bringing them together again after all is said and done seems to have come kind of healing powers there in Eternity Springs where life seems to be worth them living once more.  I don't want to spoil it for you because I want you to pick up the wonderful read to see how this author brings it all out for you. 

Be prepared for an engaging romantic story telling with intense emotions are at its highest where you will see how life has dealt these two people some horrible  unhappiness but in the end...well again you must pick up "Dreamweaver Trail" to see if  how will find happiness again.  I found  this novel had a  wonderful supporting cast of characters that were well developed, portrayed, colorful and even yet believable. 

My Impression of this novel...

I found  this "Dreamweaver Trail" series number eight a very good read where there will be shown a special connection of these two people, coupled with losses and then a healing process as this author shows its reader in her writing using such  gracefulness and even some humor.  


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