Serenity Inn: Her Guy Friday [ Bed & Bath Series 1] By: Nikki Walker

Title:  Serenity Inn:  Her Guy Friday
Author:  Nikki Walker
Publisher:  N.W.
Series:  Bed and Bath #1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Serenity Inn" by Nikki Walker...

"Lindsay Morgan is living a life full of secrets and resentment. Deciding to move on with her life, Lindsay makes her dream come true, by opening a bed and breakfast, called Serenity Inn. Hoping to bring a little serenity back into her life, she soon realizes opening a business isn’t so easy. Then a mysterious man arrives to her inn. Could he be her knight in shining armor?

Dr. Chad Lewis has been living with secrets of his own and his past is constantly haunting him concerning one fateful moment that ended his career. On a path of battling his own demons, he finds himself on the front steps of Serenity Inn, looking for forgiveness and peace.

Will the Serenity Inn live up to its name and offer two wounded souls the serenity that they desperately desire? What will the future hold for these two, when Lindsay and Chad realize that their past is intertwined?"

Why I Read This Book?

I was asked by this author earlier  to take a look at her beta read and since this author writes such amazing novels I wanted to see if this novel was as good as the rest of her reads. Well, I found reading "Serenity Inn" and seeing  it all coming together was really something to read about.   I have read all of this author novels  and  guess what?....this one was not any was simply a amazing read that anyone can  sit back and enjoy.

What I Liked:

This was definitely one of those reads that will catch and keep your attention to the very end.  This author really knows to keep your attention as she sweetly delivers to her readers this well written romantic script.  The story line was simple...with two people who were suffering....Lindsay Morgan and Dr. Chad Lewis.  Bringing these two together took some intriguing steps taken by this author where we find Lindsay "is living a life full of secrets and resentment" and most of all not wanting to be controlled  by another man. Why was this?   Chad had " has been living with secrets of his own and his past is constantly haunting him concerning one fateful moment that ended his career." Chad's plans had been to explain about the anonymous check...'confess, apologize and leave but that had not happened.  Why was that?

We find from the beginning of the story that Lindsay is trying to get it all together for her opening up her   bed and breakfast there in Virginia.   Guess who will come to her rescue and that is all I will say about that. I liked how this author was able to get these two people together and seeing them fall in love was sweet but before that could happen secrets and trust issues will have to come out.  How this was delivered  to the reader was so smoothly presented.  I don't want to tell too much more about "Serenity Inn" because I was you to pick it up and see for yourself how this author brings it all out to the reader.  In the end will Linds and Chad become lovers?   Well,  I guess we will have to  pick up this authors next series to find out. 

What I Didn’t Liked:

There was not  any part of  "Serenity Inn" that I did not like....well other than  having to wait to see what will happen in  the next series with Lindsay and Chad.

Overall Impression:

Overall, "Serenity Inn" was  beautifully well written with the two main characters and with interesting secondary characters that  were well  presented  and will definitely draw you into this story.  My of my favorite character was Cook.


  1. From the author:

    Jun 2, 2014 11:11:17 PM PDT Nikki Walker says:
    Miss Dean, I so appreciate this review! I think Cook was tied for my favorite character too.


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