Arlo's Epiphany (The Secret Life and Career of Arlo the Barncat) By: Jane Oldaker

Title:  Arlo's Epiphany
Author:  Jane Oldaker
Publisher: J. O.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Arlo's Epiphany" by Jane Oldaker...

What was this novel about?

"Arlo the barncat's latest misadventure has him doubting both his vocation as a covert operative and the true sentiment of his closest friends. Will Mahoney interrupt his nap time long enough to change Arlo's mind? Or will Agent Brenda Chicken peck Arlo one time too many when he retrieves his StealthBerry causing him to turn his back forever on a brilliant secret life and career as one of the greatest feline spies history has ever known?"

What I got from this read....

"Arlo's Epiphany" was short and simple read about a cat named Arlo.   This is definitely a grownup version that I felt wasn't really  intended for the children due some of the language(wording) would probably be a little too difficult for them. I can see that this author has written a story of a cat that takes over 'human likenesses'  and goes after the bad ones" being he is a covert operative working for the Agency.  This novel, Arlo's Epiphany' will have you laughing as you are reading the descriptions of these animals and just how they get their prey.  If you are a cat lover I am sure this one may get and keep your attention as this author has written such a descriptive, charming and a  imaginative story.  With that being said pick up 'Arlo's Epiphany" it's only thirty-five pages. 


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